About the Company

Weber Urethane Insulation, Inc. is a family owned operation located in Waterloo, Iowa, with three generations working for them. Their work is handcrafted with pride and offer a 10 year NO LEAK WARRANTY on all roofs. EXPERIENCED SINCE 1970 with thousands of satisfied customers!

Urethane Insulation

Urethane insulation is made of plastic polymers and contains 80 to 90 percent closed cells containing refrigerant gas, rather than air. Poly-Urethane Insulation is applied in the same manner as Icynene foam insulation, but expands to only 30 times its liquid size. This enables the foam applicator to put on lighter thickness in such places as barns and grain bins to deterrent rodents from tunneling or distroying the product. It also provides a total seal to the substrate.

Field applied urethane foam is a spray-applied or injected rigid plastic building insulation which has all the desired components for a quality thermal material. These properties would include:

There is no other insulation system that provides the field performance levels of applied urethane foam plastics. Urethanes do not suffer from R-value loss caused by wind and low temperatures. More properties of Urethane foams:

posted 09/01/06 by Weber Urethane Insulation, Inc.